In the last time the new custom culture in Romania is growing up so fast… that’s so good but the problem from my point of view is that is growing on a wrong way.

The fashion tendences in last time show that cool people likes to ride motorcycles and our media is full of cool pics of guys and ladies that look awesome fashion over pretty nice custom bikes, so lot of people wants to be like them… the problem in my opinion is that Motorcycling is not very fashionable… Motorcycling is something that you have or not… there are not middle ways, is so wrong to become a rider if you are doing that because is on the fashion tendence, believe me, you will regret!!


In that sense the interest for new custom motorcycles styles is also growing, everybody wants to own a cool motorcycle like those of the Wrenchmonkees, Blitz, Old Empire, El Solitario, EdTurner…


“It’s so simple, I just need to buy an old iron and repaint it and put a tail, new chinese leds and go…. I can’t understand how those builders ask more than 10000 eur for one iron…. and also I can’t understand how the local builders ask for 4000 or 5000 eur for a bike!! they are trying to become rich with that!!”…. Ok, completly wrong guys… and I will explain you why:

There are some steps in a project building, the first step is to get the donor bike… “Oh, easy!! OLX is full of old cheap irons that would be good donor bikes”… Wrong!! It’s true that the classifieds are full but you need to know how to select, if you have not mechanic skills, better ask to a mechanic to check it, otherwise you risk to buy an iron that never will be functional, think also that is better to pay more for a good condition iron than buying a cheap junk.


Ok, you have got the donor bike… the second step is to stablish your budget, think that if you haven’t available at least 2000 eur for the built is better not to do it, under that budget you will enter for sure in the category of Shit Builder, starting with 2000 you will be able to build something but… now the third step comes…

The third step is to decide if you will build your project by yourself (Shed Building) or will order it to a Pro Builder. If you have not mechanic skills forget about do it by yourself… you will risk to entry in the category of Shit Builders. Also if you have not a good budget, forget to call to a Pro Builder, no one will build your bike on 2000, probably you will need 4000/5000 for that… “Oh!! so expensive for doing such a simply thing???”… yes!! because is not a simply thing, building a bike in a pro way means to invest a lot of hours of work and a lot of parts an materials that are not cheap…. Pro Builders usually don’t works with low quality products and parts, and if I consider the ammount of working hours in a project probably 5000 is so cheap.


“Ok, that’s it!! I will try to build it by myself!!”…. Congratulations you are entering in the fabulous world of Shed Building candidates, now consider some simply things:

The first thing you must do is to rebuild the mechanics and electrics of your bike… because otherwise you risk to build a nice and unfunctional bike and then you will get the Shit Builder tag!! I see this daily, people comes to me with nice custom bikes that need thousand of euro to be repaired and been functional… that bikes usually dead in a court… no chance for them. So evaluate very well what you need for doing your bike running fine!! that won’t be a big problem if you have selected right your donor bike, but if not… you can reach the true madness…. And don’t forget, mechanics and electrics will occup the 60% of the time you will invest in your project, if not, you are doing something wrong!!


“Ok, done!! the bike runs smooth and fine!”…. good!! you have done the 60% of your build!!, now is time for aesthetichs… you will need to dissasembly the whole bike for working on the right way on aesthetics, otherwise you will risk to damage something, and you won’t can powdercoating your frame… when the bike is dissasembled think very well about what you want, if you need to modify the frame, think that if that means to modify the suspension and geometrics of your bike you must know very well what are you doing!!! and this is so important because you will ride it, and your life will be over that iron!!!

The parts… the parts you will need must be selected also with care, my advice? don’t use chinese parts, they looks fine but the quality is so poor and are not durable, invest in good quality parts.

Paintings are a very important part, your frame needs to be powdercoated to be resistant enough, powdercoating is the best and cheapest option, if you want to paint a frame on a traditional way being resistant enought you will need to ask to a very good professional that will need to invest a lot of time an effort and that won’t be cheap for sure. Powdercoating nowadays offers you a large gama of colours and textures between which for sure you will find ┬ásomething you will like. The body paintings is also a problem in this country, if you want to make something more than a flat colour your options will be so limited because you can number with the fingers of your hand all the professionals that are able to do that, other option is to ask to a foreing professional, in both cases consider that bodypainting will take a long time if you want something more than a flat colour. In any case also for the frame and for the body, please, don’t spray your bike!!! that will introduce you automatically in the category of Shit Builder!!


“Ok, my bike is ready to remount, modifications are done, paintings are done…” ….. If you did everything ok, you will can remount your bike, in this point is extremely important to be patient a don’t do it in a hurry, think and calculate every movement before, do it slow, check every item mounted twice or three times… this is the best part because you will start to see the final shape of your bike and that is dangerous because you will become impatient and impatience is an enemy that could spoil your whole project, so relax… be patient and chill and you will get your bike remounted as it should.

If you managed to get this point congrats!!! just one step remaining to enter in the category of Shed Builder!! ….. to tune up your bike…. yes, you will need to tune up your bike again because of the modifications, you will need to setup correctly your brakes, transmission, engine…. start checking the carburation, start the bike syncronize the carbs and check how is running, it must be run smooth at every regime, if you are using filter pods you will need to rejet your carbs for running fine, there is not any rule with that, you will need bigger jets, mainly pilots but also mains, but nobody can tell you what size, every bike is a world… if you read about your model you will can find aproximative parameters as for example you will need pilots between 70 and 80 and mains between 125 and 140, but you will need to test the best combination between them, so first of all… get jets!!! you will need to have available pilot jets and main jets for your carbs in those ranges of masures, is so complicated to get jets in Romania so for sure you will need to seek them outside and that takes time…. but my advice is you waiting to get all jets you need to test, start tunning carbs without the necessary ammount of jets will stress you a lot.

If you manage to arrive to this point, probably you have got your dream bike!!


So as conclusion, if you have not mechanic skills the best way to get a custom bike is to buy one fro a Pro Builder that will offer you all you need for being happy with the aesthetics and also with the riding, but don’t think you can get it with a low budget, so keep money and buy it when you have enought. If you have some mechanic skills and decide to start your project by yourself, take in account the simple things I explained before and you will have tha chance of becomming a true Shed Builder.

The only thing you never must do is to become a Shit Builder!! unfortunately already exist enought of them and this world don’t need more!!