Almost 6 years passed since we got the “great” idea of creating Bandisca… Along this time we got time enough to understand what we like to do, to learn a lot of things, to do a lot of things wrong, to meet a lot of people and to burn a lot of money, hahaha!!

Ok, after 6 years I should say that we are very happy with our creation, Bandisca is nowadays a project that continues motivating us everyday and we are also everyday thinking about how to go further with, this sounds good but it’s not an easy task, I don’t want to write here about how hard it was or how many shits we passed over, for us every minute invested in Bandisca worthed and happiness is bigger than dissapointment.

But we are thinking now about the future, and the future is not so clear, every year we put all our best for creating a new motorcycle, I’m not talking about customers’ comissions, that’s something we do because we also need to eat and pay bills, but about that motorcycle that every year we create for ourselves and we feature in shows and events, that motorcycle that make us more known over there, and in the last years since we attend the Bike Shed Show, that bike that you are waiting for.

The question is that starts to be difficult to create something new in a custom scene that is quite overpassed, in which almost everything is done and where the public starts to get boring and starts to loose interest, yes, because that’s a reality, as any fashion tendence the “new wave moto” is starting to get unfashioned.

From the builders’ point of view we are seing how every year some of the old ones dissapear or quit their activity, sometimes due to financial issues (if you think that any builder got rich with this you are terrible wrong) but most of them because started to get bored.

Well… also us started to get bored… the question is we don’t want to quit building motorcycles, we made our lives around that and now is so late to quit, even sometimes we think about….

Our conclusion is that motorcycle world is huge, not only “new custom” exists and there are a lot of possibilities of building different kind of motorcycles out there, you only need to get some motorcycle culture and a bit of imagination.

For the next year, as most of you know, we are not building a proper “new wave” custom motorcycle, this is a tendence that we already started last year with our Suzuki SV650 Caballo de Hierro endurance bike and make us so happy. For next year we decide to build a Rally Raid motorcycle, not a modern conventional one, we search a bit in the past and in our taste for that kind of motorcycles and we’ve choosen the model we consider that marked a milestone on the Rally bikes, probably not the most popular or loved but that which marked a milestone, The Suzuki DRZ800, but this is another tale we will told you when finished it.

It’s clear that building a Rally motorcycle is completely out of the idea of “new custom scene” and this decision probably will put us out of many shows and features next year but for sure will fulfill our desires, and why not? maybe will catch some attention out there.

No, we are not crazy… we are boring of building the same thing everybody build, we need to prove ourselves we are able to create other kind of motorcycles, because Bandisca was created for building motorcycles, not for being a commercial trendy, probably, after 6 years and having a quite well known brand we could get some benefits becoming fashionable lazy and building clean and perfect replicas of the same bike just changuing the colors and some details, but as we come every month with money for sustain this, we prefer to do what we love to do with it and burn it building motorcycles that probably the general scene doesn’t understand so well.

But the question is never ending…. what next?…. Don’t worry, we will find what! It’s the every year’s challenge and we got a lot of fun with, the motorcycle world is big enough for finding inspirations, you only need to want to do it.