It’s a fact that next year the new regulations of the Bucharest City Council about emissions will change a lot of things in this city if they will be able to put them in force, this is not clear yet but let’s think they will.

I don’t go to comment here about the convenience or not of the new regulations, personally I think that, as almost everithing the politicians do in this country, they are very poor improved and they are full of nosenses, but they are what we will find next year.

As you know every car under Euro 5 emissions category will need to pay a kind of “oxigen tax” for running in the city, under Euro 3 this will be a very big problem because not only the tax is huge but the circulation for that vehicles in the city main center will be strictly forbidden on daytime being allowed just at night and weekends.

Cleary in a city where the biggest part of cars are affected the concept of urban mobility will change a lot.

Is the public transportation network the solution? cleary it isn’t, once the Bucharest’s Public Transportation network is one of the most defficients of EU it’s clear that won’t solve the problem, just will become more jammed than it is at the momment.

But if you read the new regulations… OMFG!! Motorcycles are not affected!!

Maybe is the time people in this city, that is not used at all with motorcycles as a normal way of commuting, starting to think about… Why not? Some of you, as me, are already using motorcycles for daily commuting and for my experience, is the best way to move in a city like this in which the traffic is crazy impossible, the parking lots simply doesn’t exist and the public transportation network is crap.

Yes, I know what you are thinking… “but motorcycles are just for good weather, we only can ride “in the season” that is from April to October”… Honestly I don’t think so… actually the only thing are stopping me along the year for riding is the snow and ice… and this holds usually no more than January and February in this city, nowadays there are a lot of winter equipment available in the market for you being safe about weather conditions, for my experience, in wintertime if you add a good set of thermical underwear, a pair of Goretex good boots and a pair of good winter gloves, together with a good rainsuit in your pannier bag, you will ride safe enough from cold in the city for doing your daily activities, even in rain… yes riding in rain is not so terrible, you only need to be protected by a good rainsuit and ride according the conditions, obviously you need to extreme your attention and handle smooth and carefully your bike, but believe me, it’s possible!! and even funny once you start to get used with!!

On my experience, a ride that you do in “red” hours by car and takes one hour, doesn’t take more than 20 min if you do it on a motorcycle, this is cleary an economy in time that translates also into an economy of money and why not?… emissions… and for me has also another important advantage… quality of live, less stress.

Good… what I want to say you is that maybe these crazy regulations got a “bright side” from the motorcycling point of view, and maybe will help to change the concept of motorcycling in this city, maybe people will start to understand the advantages of using motorcycles for daily commuting, and maybe we will start to see more motorcyles and less cars in the streets.

I will continue talking about this because I’m pretty sure that you will get lot of questions about, but for the moment I start with this idea… feel free to comment if you want.