About Us

Bandisca is a custom workshop and motorcycle vintage and neoretro apparell store based in Bucharest, founded in 2014 by Mihaela and Alf, the couple behind the scenes.

We are not a conventional workshop, we don’t work on small repairs or motorcycle servicing, we build custom motorcycles as we understand them and also restore classic ones.

Our store is based in a vintage neo retro style, we try to offer you a selection of prime quality exclusive independent brands that you can’t find easily in Eastern Europe, our selection of brands is so strict and we don’t sell stuff we didn’t test before, also we work in our own line of items that we are developing in small quantities, and we never re-stock after sold out.

At the store you can get also a huge selection of first quality parts and accessories for your custom project, always followed of the needed advice and info for you getting what you really need and knowing how to install it on you bike.

At our Bucharest location you will find together the workshop and the store in a cool place where you’ll can enjoy with our work or check the last stuff while you take a good cofee.